We use an Assets-Based Approach

There are basically two approaches to volunteer service development – needs and assets. From a needs base, things are identified which we are lacking, and an attempt is made to eliminate that need. Operating in this way is reactionary and there is a tendency to survive, but not thrive. From an assets base, we identify the knowledge, skills, and qualities in our community and create outlets to utilize them in a way that serves them. This is the synergy that expands the potential of CSL. The community takes care of our home and each other because of what we have, not what we think we need. Ownership, pride, empowerment, responsibility and accountability are the natural results of our assets-based service ministry.

How may I get involved in Spirit in Action?

You may be asked. Certainly, our intention is to personally invite everyone into service ministry. However, being greatly outnumbered by the congregation, the team leader and other volunteers may take some time to ask you to serve. Please keep your contact information current with the office so we may call you to invite you. But you don’t have to wait for us to call!

Spirit in Action Teams

Talk to us. If you feel it is time for you to be in service, please talk to the Spirit in Action Team leaders, other volunteers, CSL staff, Board members, Practitioners, or Ministers. They will ensure you are led to the right person.


Team Leader:
Eric Shelley

Welcome everyone to our services with a smile and a hug. Provide information and a kind word whenever needed. They also take the offering. If you want to get to know your community, and are enthusiastic, and selfless, and are a giver to life, (or want to develop those qualities) then this could be the role for you.


Team Leader:
Open Position

Hospitality gives our home a welcoming vibe by providing snacks and beverages between Sunday services. If you enjoy food and entertaining, and want to contribute joy and happiness to our community, (or want to develop these qualities) then this role could be for you.

Media Booth

Team Leader:
Michael Blank

Our audio and visuals capture the ambiance of our services and events with a seamless blend of sound, visual aids, and lighting. They are trained by the best and provide a satisfying spiritual experience for guests with their expertise. If you have an affinity for computers and technology, love enhancing people’s experience through music video and sound, this is a great place to build your skills.