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logo tplYou have the opportunity to join The Prosperous Life. This year-long program has been designed especially with you in mind. The 52-week plan was created to support you in living a more abundant life by practicing the spiritual law that says, “The good you share with others must return to you multiplied.” Enrolling in the program is easy. Just fill it the form below and you will be contacted for additional information.

You Can Make a Difference

Now is the time for you to make a difference and leave the world better than you found it.

At Center for Spiritual Living, we’re not just spiritually awake, we’re also socially conscious. Through our The Prosperous Life (TPL) partnership program, we work with local non-profits offering financial and human resources that fulfill our shared mission to make a positive impact in the world. With our partners, we’re working in the arena of adult mental health, LGBTQ services and caring for at-risk youth. By joining as a TPL member, you become part of our work and get to make a difference.

All of what’s happened to you thus far in life has brought you to the person you are.

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You were brought to life at this time in history for a reason.

icon you were broght to life

You have powers yet to be realized and a deep well of love to be tapped.

icon you were broght to life

You have a gift and unique perspective that no one else has.

icon you were broght to life

You have a purpose and a spiritual journey to follow. Start here.

Start Here

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We have been going to CSL for several years now and this journey has been one of love, care, kindness and spiritual enlightenment. The aura of inclusiveness and diversity we’ve felt over the years is one that we have never experienced in other spiritual communities. CSL has supported us in understanding and affirming who we are and the great power that lies within us, while supporting us in deepening our relationship with each other as well as others.

The teachings and practices that Dr. Chris and Rev. Heidi have taught and introduced to us have led to visible growth and prosperity manifestation right before our eyes. To us, CSL represents home and family. Thank you CSL for all you do for us and the sustenance, peace and rejuvenation you bring to communities and souls everywhere.

tpl kirby and michael


For Ross and me, walking through the doors of Center for Spiritual Living literally changed our lives! We’re in the third act of those lives and the teaching we found transformed us from victim to victorious, not a moment too soon.

We came from a previous religious paradigm that said we were broken, wrong/bad and sinful, at best. Through CSL’s teaching, classes and workshops that guided and supported our exponential spiritual growth, we powerfully reclaimed our essential nature and the truth of who we are—whole, perfect and complete. And, with that awareness, everything changed.

As a beautiful bonus, we formed the most important friendships of our lives in a spiritual community that has love as its foundation.
Even though it’s our third act, CSL, it’s you who should take a bow!