Gay Spirit

A safe place for gay men to explore the intersection of sexuality and spirituality

05 Aug, 2020
7:00pm -  8:30pm

Event description:

“As gay men, we are uniquely qualified to bring the message of compassion, forgiveness, and self-acceptance—for we have been there and know how important it is to be proud of who we are.” Alan Downs, PHD The Velvet Rage

Why do so many gay men struggle with issues of self-worth? What is it about gay culture that has us all so hyper-focused on our appearance? Is monogamy a realistic expectation in gay life? Why are there so many lonely gay men unable to find love? Who needs a religion that hosts an angry, judgmental deity? If God is Love, then why isn’t society more loving and accepting of gay people?

These questions and more will be the focus of our group meetings. Other issues such as addiction, pornography, gender identity, and masculinity will be addressed in future meetings. Join us as we connect, heal, cry and laugh together.

Facilitator: Drew Miller
First Wednesday of the month 7:00 – 8:30 PM

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