Discovering Your Why

after Sunday Service
In-Person at CSL or via Zoom
Taught by Kate Guimbellot
01 Aug, 2021
11:45am -  2:00pm

Event description:

The most profound knowledge to learn during our time on earth is "why." "Why am I here?", "Why am I this way?" " "Why am I at this place in my life?" Journey to the very base of your soul to discover the divine "why" of your soul's purpose. Gain a greater understanding of your divine purpose as well as your direction and meaning for your life.

CSL Kansas City member Kate Guimbellot teaches this enlightening and inspiring workshop. In Kansas City, she is a Presider, Spirit in Action lead, and Leadership Council member. She also served on the International Member Council for the CSL Home Office. Kate began her Science of Mind journey more than 19 years ago at our very own CSL Fort Lauderdale, and she is now a motivational speaker, life coach, and spiritual warrior.


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