F.L.O.W. Meditation & Yoga

Faith Love Openness and Willingness
With Rev. Skip Jennings
09 Dec, 2022
12:00pm -  1:15pm

Event description:

Namaste, my friends, and you are invited to F.L.O.W. Meditation and Gentle Yoga Wednesday mornings, 7:15 am to 8:30 am. 

F.LO.W. is an acronym for Faith. Love, Openness, and Willingness. Have

Faith a transformation can happen.

Love yourself during the shift. Be

Open and

Willing to have a new transformational experience.


This 75 minutes of practice invites us to be gentle, not only with the body but also with our thinking. This spiritual reset calls for a kinder and more peaceful way of life by connecting with the body temple. 

As you flow, listen to your body, connect with your breath and allow the healing to begin. 

Join Rev Skip for a journey of transformation for the Mind and Body.

In person and on Zoom
Registration required (please bring your own mat)

Suggested Donation of $10


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