Conscious Leadership: Rediscovering Your Conscious Leader

4 Week Course Starting Thursday February 2
7PM – Zoom only

02 Feb, 2023
7:00pm -  8:00pm

Event description:

4 Week Course
7pm via Zoom only

By Norby Belz, PhD.

Everyone has the capacity to lead, whether it is in an organization, in your business, in your family, among friends, and in a community (like CSL). The problem is we’ve given so much power to the term “leader,” that we think it is only for a dedicated few. The reality is we all have opportunities to lead in our own lives and in many capacities. And being in this amazing spiritual community, we have the opportunity to become conscious leaders and make the world a better place.

Conscious leaders recognize the world as a thought created reality and practice being present. They know how to quiet their minds in any situation and seek guidance from within. Conscious leaders also understand this innate inner wisdom is available to everyone.

In this workshop, we will highlight the conscious leadership model as a framework for you to lead the life you are meant to live. From self-discovery and emotional mastery to social awareness, relationships, and communication, to seeking clarity, making decisions, and taking action, the conscious leadership model will help you become more self-aware and have clarity about the direction you are meant to be heading in your life.


Norby Belz, PhD, is an inspirational speaker, teacher, and business coach with over 20 years' experience. He is the founder of Seva Learning, a company which integrates mindfulness practices in creating and delivering motivational keynote speeches, workshops, courses, webinars, and presentations on personal, professional, team, and leadership development.

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