Timber Hawkeye

Timber will be the guest speaker on Sunday morning, Oct 27th. He will also lead a Q&A after the service in the sanctuary beginning at 1:00pm
27 Oct, 2019
10:30am -  11:30am

Event description:

Timber Hawkeye doesn’t consider himself a teacher or master of anything or anyone. But instead, sees himself as a translator of ancient wisdom—a language that allows people today to go beyond just understanding to actually implementing the knowledge into their daily lives.

His intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and motivate readers and listeners to contemplate how they contribute to their own suffering, so that they can create inner peace and look at life through the lens, not of lack, but of gratitude and abundance.

“By no longer identifying as victims of our past,” Timber says, “we are empowered to change our future.”

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