dr chris michaels

Dr. Chris Michaels, Spiritual Director

Dr. Chris Michaels is a national speaker and author. He founded the Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City, Missouri in 1990 and has served as Spiritual Director for over twenty years. As an educator and counselor, he has helped thousands of people understand the basic spiritual principles that govern our lives. With over two decades of study into the spiritual nature of life, Dr. Chris is a leading authority on the new spirituality movement. He is the author of Your Soul’s Assignment and his new book, The Power of You, available at bookstores nationwide or on amazon.com.

Along with speaking engagements at conferences, churches, and special events nationwide, Dr. Chris was a guest on Martha Stewart Living heard on SIRIUS satellite radio. His weekly radio show, "Healing Your Life" With Dr. Chris Michaels, is offered via podcast at www.itunes.com. In 2013 over 105,000 people downloaded his spiritual lessons from 95 different countries around the world. View his website at chrismichaels.net.


The word Practitioner may be new to you, and it simply means that these designated people are high-level practicers of the Science of Mind principles.

A Practitioner works to assist you in solving problems and experiencing greater good in your life. They work to help you understand your challenge and its cause, and then, through Affirmative Prayer, spiritual laws are set in motion to resolve your issue.

Having participated in extensive training to develop themselves into being Consciousness On Demand, practitioners are licensed and skilled in using Science of Mind principles and especially Affirmative Prayer. This requires a minimum of three years of class work and practice and passing a written paneled exam before licensed ministers and Practitioners.

You will see our Practitioners onstage at the end of services or standing by the side walls between services and wearing a purple stole around their necks. They are available at these times—free of charge—to assist you with your prayer needs or at other times by appointment on a fee basis. Feel free to contact any of our Practitioners for more information.

Prayer Practitioner Team

  • Karl Gustafson, RScP Prayer Team Director
  • Rev. Hobbit Forest Staff Minister
  • Rev. Kandi Haggerty Staff Minister
  • Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera Prayer Practitioner
  • Ray Lekowski Prayer Practitioner
  • Carol O'Connell Prayer Practitioner
  • Judith Phelps Prayer Practitioner
  • John Rossetti Prayer Practitioner
  • Eric Shelley Prayer Practitioner
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  • Antonio Edwards Musical Director/Lead Vocalist
  • Mailyn Soulfree Vocalist
  • Hal Roland Pianist
  • Alberto Alarcon Bass Player
  • Alberto Lopez Drummer
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Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Chris Michaels President
  • Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera Vice President
  • John Pritchard Treasurer
  • Jeanne Looper Smith Board Secretary
  • Judith Phelps Lay Member
  • Kathleen Stapleton Lay Member
  • Michael Johnson Lay Membe
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Programs and Administration

  • Maria Villavicencio Director of Operations
  • Kirby Monestime Youth Program Director
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