• Prayer

We believe in the POWER of prayer!

There is a Spiritual Presence in the Universe that responds to our intentions and beliefs. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, our prayers take root immediately and begin to manifest. If you need prayer, or a daily spiritual uplift, check out the new CSL Prayer Line.

Many Ways to Pray

During Service

Fill out a Prayer Request Card (located at the Center in the back pockets of the aisle chairs or at the concierge desk) and place it in the offering plate or the box at the Guest Services Desk.


Complete the form on this page. Our Professional Prayer Practitioners will be affirming your request throughout the following week.

Prayer Line

Our prayer line is available at any time. Every day one of our Professional Prayer Practicioners records a new prayer for you.

Prayer Practitioner Team

Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera


Rev. Hobbit Forrest

Staff Minister

Karl Gustafson

Prayer Team Director

Rev. Kandi Haggerty

Staff Minister

Ray Lekowski

Prayer Practitioner

Rev. Tina Migs

Prayer Practitioner

Judith Phelps

Prayer Practitioner

John Rossetti

Prayer Practitioner

Juan Carlos Sequeros

Prayer Practitioner

Eric Shelley

Prayer Practitioner

Julie Sprecher

Prayer Practitioner

Todd Masnicki

Prayer Practitioner

Pat Handley-Johnson

Prayer Practitioner

Russ Johannsen

Prayer Practitioner


I’m not worried about anything. Everything is under the control of an Infinite Power whose only intention is to Love.