Why Give

The best reason to give to Center for Spiritual Living is because you want to be part of creating a world that works for everyone. You want children to learn they are perfect as they are. You want people from all backgrounds to hear the message of Oneness. You want to make a difference!

The Prosperous Life

TPL was created to support you in living a more abundant life by practicing the spiritual law that says, “the good you share with others must return to you multiplied.” The new TPL does more of that by offering you opportunities to deepen and further your spiritual journey.

Online Giving

Easy and Secure. Make a one-time gift or schedule recurring giving using your checking account, debit or credit card.


Donate directly from our App!

Give via CSLFTL App

Give via CSLFTL App Download Our Official App here

Mail a Gift

Please remit to Center for Spiritual Living, 4849 N Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL 33334.

Give Assets

Contact us online or call with any questions about giving assets to CSL: Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 5:00pm | 954 566-2868.

Center for Spiritual Living is a tithing community. We give 10% of our Sunday collections to support our global Centers for Spiritual Living and three local non-profit partners. We encourage you to give some prayerful thought to the chart below to decide your giving level.

Annual Income 4% 6% 8% 10% 12%
$20,000 $67 / month $100 / month $133 / month $167 / month $200 / month
$40,000 $133 / month $200 / month $267 / month $333 / month $400 / month
$60,000 $200 / month $300 / month $400 / month $500 / month $600 / month
$80,000 $267 / month $400 / month $533 / month $667 / month $800 / month
$100,000 $333 / month $500 / month $667 / month $833 / month $1,000 / month

Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts allow you to contribute to our vision beyond your lifetime. They are an opportunity to make a difference to future generations.

Bequest in your Will or Trust

CSL can be named as a beneficiary in your will or trust in several ways: as a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, real estate, artwork, specific stocks or securities, etc.

Beneficiary Designation

There are many investment vehicles and insurance products that have designated beneficiaries. Most of these products are designed to pay out the accumulated value of the policy or account to the designated beneficiaries. CSL can be named as a beneficiary on all types of insurance products, such as term or whole life policies, tax deferred or immediate annuities, etc.

Retirement Plans (IRAs, 401Ks, 403Bs, etc.)

All retirement plans fall under the category of “qualified plans.” There are some important rules that must be followed pertaining to the distribution of money from these plans. In some cases, it may be advantageous to name a charity, such as CSL, as part or whole beneficiary, in that the charity is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Underwriting Opportunities

When you underwrite a specific program at CSL, your contribution can only be used for that purpose. It gives you an opportunity to specialize your gift in an area that’s most dear to your heart.

Youth Program

Sponsor our Youth programming expenses for one month or more. Monthly cost is $2,000 Name a Classroom – Have one of three classrooms named in your honor or in memory of a loved one. $5,000 each.


Sustainer: $45 per week for flowers, hospitality is $25 per week Donor: $300 per month

Music Program

Sustainer: $1,100 per week Fan: $57,000 per year

Educational Programming

Help CSL develop online curriculum for our growing digital community. Be part of changing the world with programs that are created for youth and adults. Producer: $1,000 per month to develop new curriculum. Director: $10,000 for each module hosted on an educational platform such as teachable.com

Business Giving

Promote your company by underwriting any of our opportunities and be recognized for your generosity. Have your business highlighted at one of our annual galas by sponsoring us.


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